Unusual Places To Play Casino Games


With mobile technologies revolutionizing the world, it has become common to see people staring at a screen, oblivious to the world around them. Adolescents are often seen standing in groups, not paying attention to each other, while even adults are guilty of the same behavior. Yes, many probably see this as a problem, and it’s hard to deny this habit, especially given the circumstances in which people are seen to do this. However, we got a little more curious about how many of those guilty of the behavior in question were playing mobile casino games, and we decided to look into some of the more common, but unusual situations nonetheless, in which people allow themselves a few rounds of poker or a few rounds of roulette. Here is what we discovered and the results are interesting to say the least!

Toilet breaks

One of the most interesting statistics about people who gamble on the street is the recurrence of the toilet. Many people admit that not only do they take their phones with them, but they also occasionally use bathroom breaks as a sneaky excuse to be able to play for a few minutes. Many people at work, who are too careful to gamble during working hours, say they will pretend to go to the bathroom and in fact will sit in a closet and play on their phones. Hey, we don’t judge, we like to play poket on the run for a few minutes as much as the others!

Multitasking on the sofa

Do you remember when the only screen people complained about was the TV screen? Don’t watch this thing all day or will you get hooked? Many people admit to sitting in front of the TV but paying no attention to the current program and instead playing games on their phones! What’s better than a screen? Two screens, of course! Hats off to those who can really keep up with a movie’s plot while collecting their loot at a virtual poker table. This is an impressive ability to be multitasking and it probably deserves laurels. Then,casino games , or while cooking a three-course meal.

The outdoors

It must be said that many do not exercise as much as they should and those who stay fit should enjoy the admiration and respect of those around them. What would happen, though, if you went on a hike and just spent the whole day with your nose glued to your smartphone screen? The very idea would probably infuriate nature lovers, but it cannot be denied that the person at least benefits from exercising.

Play in public transport

Public transportation is notorious for being boring, stuffy, and inconvenient, and is perhaps the most acceptable place to just sit and watch your phone and ignore all the people around. However, a few words should be said about those who do this with their phone volume on full blast. A surprisingly high number of people report that they almost go crazy when someone on the bus or train plays casino games with the sound blowing out without realizing or caring. It is true that some slot machine games have rather pleasant background music and those around them might even enjoy it, but, poker games, on the other hand, tend to be rather minimalist in terms of music and extremely excessive in terms of repetitive sound effects. Imagine having to listen to the repetitive jingle of a bet placement during a thirty minute commute? Our conclusion for this list would be simple; where you play on your mobile phone is really up to you but we would not recommend doing it in a movie theater or at a wedding. We can suggest, however, that if you feel like it when you’re at the movies or at a friend’s wedding, you should run to the bathroom and play a bit!

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